Why Should I Use a Scrap Car Removal Service?

Call Your Local Port Coquitlam Scrap Car Removal Company & Get Paid Cash!

Like any machine, a car has a certain lifespan that will eventually come to an end. Eventually a car will have to be scrapped, and it is just a matter of how you decide to make that happen. If the car is running and in fairly good shape, you could always sell it to a junker who will likely just break it down and sell whatever parts they can themselves, but this requires you to take the time to find a buyer and transport an unreliable vehicle to them on your own dime. The best way to go about doing this is to enlist a scrap car removal service to do the heavy lifting for you, especially if the car is no longer running, or is no longer certified by the Ministry of Transportation to be on the road.

Let Triple B Towing & Scrap Car Removal Service Take That Junker Away

When the time comes to scrap your old junker, Triple B Towing is the ideal number to call. We will have your car taken away in just a short time, and best of all, we will pay you to let us take it away! Whether it is a newly scrapped car, or if it has been sitting on your property and has been an eyesore for a number of years, we have the right equipment and the experienced team of professionals to make sure that old car gets completely removed from your property. Scrap cars are often in the way, and can actually be harmful to the environment if left standing in one space over time. In some cases, a scrap car on your property can attract vandals and even become a place for unwanted rodents and pests to take up residence on your property, which can lead to bigger problems if you have pets or maintain a garden in your yard. With one quick call to Triple B, our scrap removal team can make all of these problems disappear.

In a lot of cases, people who have decided to move into a new house are required to remove any scrap vehicles off their old property before the new residents take possession. With all the stress and planning that goes into moving, wouldn’t it be great if you could take care of that scrap car with a single phone call, and make some extra cash in the process? With Triple B Towing, residents throughout Port Coquitlam, The Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas can quickly take advantage of our fast, friendly and reliable scrap car removal with just a single call. If you need a scrap car removed, save yourself time by letting us do the heavy lifting and call us today at 1 (604) 817-3483!

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