Off Road Vehicle Recovery Services

Port Coquitlam Off Road Vehicle Recovery

One of the main services we provide at Triple B Towing that sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to help practically any type of off road vehicle recover from being stuck, overturned, or broken down while driving through the bush in the Lower Mainland. There’s a lot more to it than simply hooking up your vehicle to a winch and pulling it as hard as we can. Many of our customers are often impressed with our ability to not only retrieve off-road vehicles from difficult spots, but to manage to accomplish this without causing much more additional damage to the vehicle, if any at all.

At Triple B Towing, we are committed to providing quick and effective towing solutions for both on and off-road vehicles. In the case of off-road vehicles, we are particularly aware of the many safety factors that should be taken into account. Rough and sometimes unstable terrain is common out in the bush, especially during the extensive rainy seasons common to the Lower Mainland. Due to this fact, we take extra care in making sure our own tow trucks are firmly secure before we begin pulling. Many other companies claim to take the proper precautions when performing off-road recovery tows, but our 25 years of experience, along with our interest and enthusiasm for off-road vehicles gives us a unique edge on the competition in this area of the towing and salvage industry.

As most of us at Triple B Towing are avid off-road enthusiasts, we understand a lot about the difficulties many people encounter when trying to get themselves out of a jam in the wilderness. Sometimes getting stuck is simply unavoidable, and can happen because you simply get unlucky, or are just not very experienced with off road vehicles. The main thing to keep in mind should you encounter a problem is to remain calm, and make sure your person remains safe and unharmed before you worry about the vehicle. After all, you can always call the friendly off road recovery experts from Triple B Towing to safely retrieve your vehicle!

Safely retrieving off road vehicles can be very difficult at times, but at Triple B Towing we actually love helping pull off-road vehicles out of sticky spots! We take a great deal of pride in our towing expert’s ability to quickly assess the situation and provide effective towing solutions that get the job done efficiently, and without causing extra damage to the vehicle, which helps save our customers time and money down the road. No matter what size vehicle may be stuck or in need of salvage, no matter where it may be found throughout the Lower Mainland, if it got stuck somehow, we’ll find a way to retrieve it.

To learn more about this and other great services we offer at Triple B Towing and Scrap Car Removal, feel free to continue to check out our website, as well as our past work, where you’ll find some examples of some difficult off-road recoveries we’ve recently made. You can also contact us via telephone today if you require immediate assistance, or fill out our online quick quote form to receive a free quote!

Our Off Road Vehicle Recovery Service Areas:

  • Stave Lake
  • Hope Area
  • Sumas Flats