Emergency Services

Port Coquitlam Vehicle Emergency Services

No one likes getting stranded on the side of the road, especially when they’re in a hurry and have somewhere to be. The unfortunate reality of owning and operating a vehicle is that eventually, you may end up having to deal with a major inconvenience, and in some cases a serious emergency. The important thing to remember in a situation like that is there is always help available if you know who to call. For over 25 years, drivers living in Port Coquitlam and the surrounding area of the Lower Mainland have been able to rely on emergency assistance from the friendly towing experts at Triple B Towing and Scrap Car Removal. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers, and will be prepared to assist with any issue that you may encounter while driving on the highway, in town or even out in the wilderness. Below are a few of the main emergency services we are ready to provide with just a quick phone call from anywhere throughout the Lower Mainland.

Gas Delivery

Sometimes you just run out of gas. You may have had a hectic day and forgot to visit the pump to fill up, or there may be an issue with your gas tank causing it to leak. Whatever the reason, we are ready to bring you all the fuel you need to get home safe. Whether you are stranded on the side of the highway, out on the trails with your 4×4, or stuck in your own driveway, we will get to you as soon as possible, so you can get back on the road!

Unlock Car Doors

Locking your keys in your car is definitely not a minor problem. Standing there looking at those keys from outside your car can quickly cause a great deal of stress and frustration, especially if you have somewhere to be. Before you get too upset and break into your own car, give us a call at Triple B Towing. We understand that issues like this can be a major inconvenience, and with that in mind we make sure to arrive quickly, and will have your door unlocked in no time at all.

Jump Starts

A dead battery means your car won’t even start, let alone get you to work on time. If you should find that your car is unable to start, it is likely an issue with your battery. For the most part, cars will flash an indicator light on your dash when you have a low battery, so you should be able to tell right away if there is a problem. Fortunately, jump starting your battery is fairly simple, and although the team at Triple B Towing would be happy to help you with this issue, we have also provided some simple instructions for jumping your own battery below.

To jump your car’s battery, you’ll need jumper cables and another car with a working battery. With both engines off, attach the red jumper clamp to the positive terminal on the dead battery, then attach the other red clamp to the positive terminal on the working battery. Be sure to keep the black clamps well away from either battery until you’ve completed this step. You must then connect the black clamp to the negative terminal on the working battery, and then finally connect the other black clamp to an unpainted metal surface on your car, NOT the negative terminal on the dead battery. Once the connections are properly made, start the booster car and let it run for a few minutes in order to charge the dead battery. You may then start your car and let it run along with the booster car for a few more minutes to ensure you get an adequate charge.

Hopefully these tips can help you in the future, but if you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to call an expert at Triple B Towing. We will be sure to arrive quickly, and provide you with the assistance you need.